He wrapped tiny fist around
His one giant wrinkled finger
What might he thinking looking at
No wonder, if it was support…….

Crawling on knees too cute to handle
Hall like adventure in battlefield to the tiny soldier
brother in arm on his giant knee too, there
No wonder, if it was support…….

He babbled first word out
Mam’ma, mom, mother always that
Walked on feet though toppled
came forward that strong hand, No wonder, if it was support…….

He cried and demanded two wheels
Yet never knew how to drive
then was seated on throne, he barely paddling
He was running, chasing, No wonder, if it was support…….

Hide and seek in home never great idea
Hiding behind his straight back always his smart
The greatest place ever to disappear from plight
No wonder, if it was support…….

No! always and repeated answers from mom
Dare he wanted to do, thereon
A blink from him sign of escape
No wonder, if it was support…….

College fees never an issue to him
His smile meant everything to him
His dreams are priceless, he still thought
No wonder, if it was support…….

His achievements were his greatest pride
Payback to bent broken back he received
His smile. And tears in his eyes
No wonder, if it was support…….

Now his thin weak wrinkled fist
Wrapped around his dark strong fingers
Tears in eyes barely able to clench the fist
No wonder, this time if he needs support……



Dec 16, 2012 became the most terrifying day in the history of the India that shook the nation’s foundation and stunned billions of hearts around the globe. 6 barbaric men not only raped Nirbhaya and tortured her body by penetrating iron rod which damaged her intestines but also threw her on road out of the moving bus, in south Delhi- Capital of India!

She yet fought with her fate for 11 days in India and then for special treatment moved to Singapore where she ultimately surrendered to her fate and breathed her last on Dec 29, 2012.

As speak of the justice to her Indian parliament enacted Nirbhaya Act aka The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013 which reformed the act widely including redefining the term “Rape” like forced oral sex and assault on private part categorized as rape, and Capital punishment for Child rape below age of 12 years. Punishment for rape is now minimum 7 years and for repetitive offence court can award Death sentence.  And out of 6 culprits of Delhi gang rape- 4 sentenced to the death, 1 sent to reform facility for 3 years as max punishment for minor in India, and 1 hanged himself in Tihar Jail.

This poem is solely dedicated to all NIRBHAYAS who faced this inhumane and impotent event. Nirbhaya is the rightest term for all victims of rape as the term martyrs only define those who are not with us, survivors are those who managed successfully to come out of the trauma but yet most of them are fighting with their inner own, if not fighting with the society.

बेटी तू इस झोपड़ी मे जनमी
इसमे तेरा कोई क़ुसूर नहीं
मैं भी इस झोपड़ी मे रहेता
इसमे मेरी कोई चाह नहीं

बाबा बोला जब तू सयानी होगी
दूल्हा राजा तुझे बड़े से मकान मे ले जाएगा
बेटी बोली बाबा आप भी मेरे साथ आना
इस झोपड़ी मे आप रहो, ये मेरी भी चाह नहीं

बेटी मेरी सयानी बड़ी है
आँसू तो सेती है मगर फ़क्र के
बेटे भी शायद होते होंगे ऐसेही
वरना बाप तोह रोते फीक्र से

बाबा मैं बरतन मांजू तो शरम कैसी ?
आपको झोपड़ी से मकान का सफर जो कराना है
और किराये बिना यहा कोई सवारी मिलती नही, सीख आपकी भूली नहीं
बस एक आपका कांधा है जो मेरी मुस्कान पे चलता

बाबा खुशी से सबको बोलता
बेटी मेरी बड़ी हो गयी, समझदार है बड़ी
कुछ महीनो मे डाकटरनी भी बन जाएगी
बोल सुनकर आँसू बेटी के झट से टपके, अच्छे दिन जो थे आने वाले

बस एक वो काली शाम थी
फूल जैसी मेरी बेटी अपने ही शहर मे घूम रही थी
वोह मासूम तो चल रही हैवानो के बीच थी
उस नादान को क्या पता जिसने अपने बाप जैसा सारा जहां था समझा

हैवानो ने दरंदगी लांघी
शैतान ने भी नरक का दरवाजा बंद किया
बेटी को मेरी पीटा और गोश्त समझ चबाया
दिल न भरा हैवानो का तो लोहे के रॉड से बदन चीर दिया

Bus से सड़क पे फेका मानो कोई चिप्स की थैली हो
चबाया, खाया और खिड़की से फ़ेक दिया
यह कीमत बेटी की मेरे आज़ाद भारत मे
तुमसे अच्छे तोह अंग्रेज़ थे………

डाकटरनी मेरी सड़क पे फेंकी
आखेर अस्पताल तोह वो पहोंची
एक बात वो रों कर बोली
बाबा माफ करना तकलीफ बड़ी तुमको दी

बेटी की सीधी रेखा बाप से न देखि गयी
मानो बाप की ही टेढ़ी-मेढ़ी रेखा थी जो सुन्न हो गयी
बाप अब मांगे भी तोह क्या
बेटे में तोह यक़ीन नहीं रहा और बेटी मांगे तोह…….?

क्यूँ बेटी को सिखाना तू लड़को से अलग है?
क्यूँ बेटे को बताना लड़के रोते नहीं ?
क्यूँ बेटी के कपड़ो को दोष देना ?
क्यूँ लड़को की हरकतों को हर बार दबाना?

बना लो कितने भी तुम कानून क्या हासिल होगा
लाया तुमने 2013 मे जोह Nirbhaya Act था
कुछ कम हुयी हैवानियत तोह जरूर बताना
अरे कानून को छोड़ो घर से शुरुवात करो

चलो एक लड़की का बाप बनकर बेटों को सिखाए…….!

लड़के भी रोते है और लड़कियों को रुलाते नहीं
कोई लड़की को छेड़े तोह लड़के उसे छोड़ते नहीं
वोह जैसे कपड़े पहने वो उसकी मर्ज़ी
सोच के तेरी बहन होती तोह क्या !
वोह जब ना कहे तोह मतलब ना ही होता है…….मत ढूंढ उसकी ना मैं भी हाँ

बेटा मत समझ हर लड़की को अपनी बहन
प्यार…दोस्ती ये तेरे भी हक है
मगर हमेशा याद रख
उस बाबा और बेटी की यह हक़ीक़त है……!


welcome…….see through the glass

Before going a step further, I have to admit that this is going to be one of the shortest stories of my carrier and the inspiration source is from around me, you and every single head, whether it is above the ground or buried under it.

This story is kind of mirror. If you can see through it then considered yourself blessed and if you can’t then still you are fortunate because it will leave you thinking for hours and hours to possess the right ability to see through it.

And feel free to write your understandings or interpretations in the comment section so most of them there could see what you see through the mirror. So without any delay let’s begin the story…….So,

Once there was a ridiculously AMAZING or BAD boy

Who madly and truly loved a girl- no matter BLACK OR WHITE

but in return WANTED the same or PART of it

and that’s the SADDEST END of his love story !!


image from marvel studios Captain America: Civil War

पात्र शोधण्याच्या चकमकीत
रोज अस्तित्वाचा गळा, हळूहळू घोटला
नुसताच याला ऐकून, त्याला वाचून
एकदाचा माझा “स्व”च गमावला

आता मला मीच अनोळखी झालो
हा “नकली मी” जो माझ्यासाठी कमवला
अरे हा अविश्वासी स्वभाव जिंकण्यासाठी
कधीही न मुडणारा, हा डाव का मांडला?

नुस्त त्या, “वरच्याच्या” नावाने रडायच
थोडी सावली मिळाली की पावला म्हणायचं
निराशा गवसली, तर, का कोपला विचारायच
पण खर सांगू ,नको त्याला बट्टा…….. तुझ्या अपयशाचा…….

कधी जाणून घेण्याचा प्रयत्न केला?
होता तू काय अन आता काय बनला
अरे वेड्या,जो अस्तित्वच बदलतो, तो बदल कसला ?
बदल आणि हत्या यातील फरक कसा रे तू विसरला ?

ही चकमाक नाही नशिबाची अन तुझी
नाही देवाची अन त्याच्या रंगमंचाची
आता तरी डोळे उघड भित्र्या माणसा
ही चकमक आहे बदलाची न तुझ्याच अस्तीत्वाची

त्याच्या रंगमंच्याचे हे पण एक सत्य
जो टिकाव धरतो तोच कमावतो पात्र
अन्यथा जो “स्व” गमावतो
तो नुसता बनून राहतो सरणाच इत्र

मागे वळून बघण्याचा जोखीम एकदा तरी घे
कदाचित मधेच सुटलेले तुझे परिचित
हरवलेला तुझा तू अन तुझे अस्तित्व गवसेल
गमावलच काही तर, “हा अपरिचित” असेल

याचे-त्याचे अस्तित्व कामवण्यात
का मोलाचा वेळ तुझा घालवतो
जो पिवळ्यात स्व अन काळ्यात स्वप्न पिसतो
तोच तुझ्या-माझ्या सारखा “अस्तित्व” जिंकतो

अन्यथा ह्या चकमकीत…….
चोर-पोलीसाचा डावच खेळतो…….
पण जो जिंकतो त्याचही एक रडण आहे बर
तोही ह्या चकमकीत बरच काही हारतो

“स्व” अन “अस्तित्व” कामवायला
पावलो-पावली धडपड करतो जिवाची
वेड्या, चल विसर एकदा ह्या “स्व-अस्तित्वाला”
मग बघ किमया ह्या चकमकीची अन त्याच्या रंगमंच्याची…….

A Letter to the Death

Dear Death,

I don’t know what gender you are blessed with but for me, am a male, would like to see you as a female so I will call you by famine names from now onward…. what can a male crave for more than a female mate specially in Winter!

We never encountered before except once when I had this accident- I was driving over speed, almost 110k.m.p.h. and still accelerating. I thought driving at this speed is the life that I never experienced but it was you, disguised in fun and carelessness and the speed, indeed. You tried to meet me but fate played its card and we never able to meet because all the adrenaline spilt on the road, and I am glad we did not for I was not ready then and believe me still not.

I am aware, you don’t work like that you have very unique way; you already have sent this open friend request to all user accounts of the http://www.Life.ws irrespective of gender, age, religion, socio-economic status and health, whoever going to accept your request would be logged out……. permanently, I know up to this and from here on the story is altogether different one beyond my imagination and wild speculations. I think you and the life (I call it him as you are female) got a promise to keep for the eternity-when you come closest to him and he can’t resist to cuddle into his arms that’s where you win and he, like a lunatic lover who leave everything off he built for just that one touch, eventually even breathing! Isn’t it right? I know you can’t reveal your cryptic way to me right now but don’t worry I would ask you again when you and my life will have a romantic date at Venice in the Winter and then you must unfold your way to me, I request you.

People often portray your appearance as cruel, dark and evil…

And all these are just blind guesses cause every person who dated you never thought to leave you again and of coming back to describe you however, I learned from their identical behavior and few poems that you must be Aphrodite or the enchantress that’s why they all refused to come back to the life, poor life! But beware of me, I am not like them as many of my friends know me for Indriya Nigraha so there might be chances of my return unless you can speak of the poetry, if you can then there would be no way to coming back for me either! And if you don’t know the poetry then you should be started reading Rabindranath Tagore (specially Krishnakali; somewhere it resembles to you, at least I think so) and Rumi….. though there is enough time for our date, cause I am not ready yet….my dear death…

Pardon me and don’t get anger because I am not in love with the life and to be so I had to be gay and that is a choice of the Nature and not mine. But understand this, here on earth I still have many tasks to complete, many promises to fulfill and many goals to achieve (some of them I recently set) and if I come to you like this without fulfilling my promises, as a phony man then I don’t think you would like to see me- yes indeed you won’t because here on earth they say- death always cast her eyes on good men first. And it is true so let me have a chance to be a good man first so I could stand to your requirements.

Anyway, I think, I should bring to the end this letter, and believe me, I don’t want you to have boring time during your hectic schedule but let me tell you this- it is not that I don’t want to meet you, many times when the life is rough on me, betray me, take joy in teasing me and then I find people saying don’t worry God is testing you, then I really miss you and want to date you and keep dating you but then I remember those promises I made to the people and myself……

and once I justify them then I would be glad to have you in my arms, dressed in white skater dress with violet floral pattern and me in white shirt and trouser, together dancing bare feet on a beautiful lake of Venice speaking of the poetry and that’s when I will be at R.I.P.

But till then you will be found me singing this…….

“dear death I am not ready yet

please forgive me and have some wait

cause I have made with the life, a bet

credibility of my words is on the stake

so dear death I am not ready yet”


After a prolong battle between the good and the evil the final triumph earned by the good over the bad and eventually the earth was free from demons as God ended all the evil forces but, yet, there was a prophesy left like ash remains after the bones ─ “When a moon will fall, the Devil will rise”. The prophecy was indicating the master of all demons but no one knew how and when it was going to happen. The earth was revolving in peace because of the moon, who had been keeping the earth calm and as the time passed, the prophecy became a history and then mere a legend among many other ancient legends.

The Moon; she was never so alone like she is today. She, too, had her admirer; a star, as bright and big as the moon. He was simple blinking yellow star who liked to see the moon every day each moment. For hundreds of years he loved the moon secretly and eventually as destined both fell for each other and for another hundred years they loved one another from long distance. Now the star seemed tired of the distance so one day he crossed the orbit and went near to the white Moon. As soon as his outer edge touched to her then a big collision took place which scattered many stars through the sky and the yellow star pulled down on the earth and made a big belly to the earth, unfortunately lost his all memory and his love of life due to the impact. When he opened his eyes, he saw the pit was illuminating. He looked at himself and was shocked looking himself radiating the light but gradually he turned darken so did the pit, and above in the sky the white moon was covered by dark black clouds and finally the darkness swallowed her entirely. Somehow he managed to come out of the pit but there was nothing to see except to feel the cold around. He walked but fell, again rose but again fell in the dark. Now he started scrabbling mud for hard place to stand. And the moon struggling with the clouds to help him by projecting her light on the earth for her admirer, in which she succeeded.

He found his way in her light. He cast sight on him then learned he was dull instead bright, standing on his big animal feet, his hands were too strong with sharp, big and strong nails, he touched his face and found elongated nose and incisors jaw, sadly a cruel face was the part of him now. He peered himself again and flew into passion looking at the sky but his roar couldn’t reach to the gods in fact it was an atrocious crying. Later on, he asked to the God frequently about his situation but didn’t get reply so to get god’s attention he started doing all evil things─ he demolished towns, sacred places, killed people, slaughtered innocent hearts and he brought every sin into reality he had imagined but the god was still silent. As the God was not answering him then one day he stopped doing all those things but it was too late because he had already become a demon.      

Finally on another day God decided to change him so gave him many opportunities to minimize his sins but the demon failed to understand the opportunities and to tackle them down. Though God was kind and kept creating different paths to clean the sins he had done but each time he disappointed all the chances.

One day Devil crossed his limit and slaughtered a new born baby on god’s name. The God lost his patience and punished the Devil for all his sins together by calling a bane on him “you will lose the one you love more than yourself” but the demon knew that he was a demon and no one going to love him so he smiled at the God, ‘I’m a demon, who do you think going to love me!’ 

God smiled at him and disappeared, God had his own ways! It was a small piece of giant puzzle beyond his sight.

One dark night when the demon was alone ─ looking at the sky ─ he saw the Moon. At the first sight, the Moon fascinated him very much so he smiled looking at her. It was the first time he had smile on his cruel face and a feeling in his devilish heart. He thought it was a sky-thing and all those belongs to the god so made his mind to make the moon earth-thing, his own. 

Very next morning the demon sat on his knees praying for God who was waiting for the moment and suddenly the God appeared before him and asked, ‘here we again face to face’. Demon answered very politely, ‘I’ll leave this evilness at all but in return I want something’. God asked though he knew what would be his wish, ‘what do you want?’ 

Demon omitted eagerly pointing at the sky, ‘the Moon!’

God explained, ‘you can’t change your evilness because it is not your nature neither it resides inside you but the evilness is you and you can’t change that. Though why the Moon, I ask? You can wish any better than this. Take your time, think big and then make a wish’.

‘I’m satisfied with the Moon and if I can’t change myself then I’ll hide my evilness until it turns into goodness, I answer’.

God was impressed by his choice of words and replaced the original Moon with a mimic and hand over him the genuine Moon since then demon used to see the Moon regularly and after several weeks he fell for the moon.

As the night came the phony Moon started to shine like the genuine used to but the God and the World never felt the same peace and the calmness as it was before and the whole world sank into the pit of sorrow- precisely it disconcerted the God! But now demon was only creature in that world who had peace and happiness- precisely he wasn’t the demon anymore!

God appeared in front of the him and requested to return the Moon.

Then demon refused God’s request, “I can’t return the moon back because I love it”. God felt completely helpless of the chaos so at last said, “it is my wish to you”.

‘I’m sorry’, the demon said politely, “but I’m not made to take the wishes. I’m a demon not the God as you are”. God folded his hands to devil but he did not agree even god begged him but yet there was no signs of hope.

Seeing the God really helpless the sweetest and the most melodious voice came from inside the Moon, ‘you are not the demon anymore; your evilness is changed into goodness as you intended, so please let me go with the God; the world needs me’. The demon looked at the Moon surprisingly. “No I can’t. I can’t let you go. You belong to me only”, he cuddled the Moon in his arm and said bleak and monstrously, ‘what will happen if I became the demon again?’ “You won’t because I’ll always be there, looking after you, from the sky, okay”. Demon looked at the God then relaxed his arms and the Moon started flying away toward the sky.

Demon yelled out, ‘stop!’

The Moon stopped and turned back. Demon cried, ‘but the distance will be too far, how would I feel you?’ the moon herself felt his pain in her heart thus she dropped a glowing tear drop from the sky and swiftly fixed in the night as she used to before belonging to the demon.
The dropped tear had fallen on the demon’s heart and sharply soaked inside his chest, may be found a place in his heart but suddenly the demon stopped crying, he stood passive, staring the Moon. The God too vanished from the scene.

Next night when the demon was on this bank of the river, saw the Moon, he felt hat the Moon wasn’t well; she seemed pale to him. The demon asked the Moon how was she but she didn’t reply, how could she, the devil was right about the distance. When he saw the reflections of their images in the river then realized that the Moon was pale as compared to him. He couldn’t understand what happened to his love. But it was the first time he realized how monstrous he looked like- first time he saw his gold big dead eyes.                                                                               

The demon called the God and asked, ‘what’s happened to her?’

The God replied, ‘the Moon has given you the gutta that has been keeping her cool and luminating but unfortunately it is inside your heart now’. 

In no time the demon said, ‘then take and give it back to her’. God warned him worriedly, ‘if you do this then it’ll bring a curse on you for denying the ultimate peace and goodness. And then you will not be the devil but will become “the sovereign of all devils” for forever.      

The demon insisted, ‘I’m ready just do heal her’.

“before that let me warn you”, the God continued, “you will have to suffer for the infinity for your heart will be final destination of rage and darkness and no one will be able to reverse it not even me. You will be immortal but opposite to the goodness and you will be crowned in hell as the Devil”.

“I don’t care”, he looked at the moon, “please give her back what belongs to her”
Then God touched to the demon’s heart, took out that element and gave to the Moon. As soon the Moon started shining again then the demon became the Devil- he grown two horns on head, counted four fingers on each hand, his jaw got wider and all teeth turned into incisors and eyes turned into red. The Devil sat on his knees and started crying uncontrollably loudly ─ squealed enough to echo his cry through the universe. 

The God was impressed by the Devil’s love for the Moon and asked him to make a wish again. 

“I don’t want anything”, The Devil said, ‘you can’t give me what I desire so what’s the point of wishing anything else?’  

The God said, “But I am made for taking wishes”.

‘Anyway’, the God said calmly, “She did sacrifice for you and you just did the same for her, so now it is my time to do something after all I am the God, so, I grant you a godsend- the dark and the bright will be one for transitory!” and vanished. And nothing happened for too long not even the God’s boom came in real.

One night while the Devil was staring the Moon suddenly an Eclipse of the Moon started and within no time the Moon covered by the Eclipse. The Devil was baffled ─ confused, it was terrible for him because not only he but also anyone had never seen something like that, very first time the earth sank into the darkness. 

The Devil was grumbling to the God.

Then someone whispered in the sweetest and the most melodious voice, “you will meet me not for forever but for instant”. 

He turned back and saw the most beautiful feminine of the universe; the Moon. 

He enswathed his hands around her and said, “I LOVE YOU”.  And she reflected the words to him.

From that moment the Devil becomes happy not for forever but for few moments because now whenever an Eclipse of the Moon starts, the Moon is in his arms making the Devil peaceful and happy, by indulging  the Devil.

Old and Wise Man

I was here at Kalimath temple to let slip away the sand of time through the fist, tired and hopeless, on bench under calm and fresh shadow of old mango tree canopy although sun rays, they like as usual penetrating the trees to reaching the earth, crows were demonstrating their flight skills making cacophony sound and of course mine and yours ancestors they were there too, relaxing- unusual to their born behavior actually it was Sunday; they might deserve the rest and not to forget squirrels they were in mood of playing, running, jumping making noise and amidst all of these one tired, hopeless and full of rage, Me… successfully struggled 27 years and till this day, grown out shaped faint beard and partially grey head, boiling and melting many thoughts inside. Mom recently told me to look after myself cause my skin transformed to color complexion from fair as chameleon…mom thought it was from outside but in my perception I was burnt from inside. When you are sad usually you speak philosophy so whenever you are sad just sit with a pen and pad or your smartphone may could do that! And be a philosopher.

I think those elements of nature made this place a natural healer so peaceful and blessed…. however, its effect was ineffective on me at least I was not feeling magical and spiritual then.

I had nothing to do many things and I surely did not get interest in observing nature anymore so for wasting the time I tried to dig a few sadder philosophies and I took no shame to admit that I failed it badly, absolutely. Then I thought better to do what I can do best right now- doing nothing! Ah! I just started getting fun and then came an old, wrinkled structure, in typical Indian attire; dhoti and kurta, sitting next to me, breathed, sighed and then panting. He looked at me. I looked back at him.

‘what is there, son?’ he looked right at the top of the temple and said, “you can tell me, if you want to’

“Zenith, I guess”, couldn’t even lift my shoulder and looked away from him trying to focus on cacophony.

“humor, I see, I like it though”, But the old man repeated himself making it more forceful, “but you can tell me your problem. That’s why you, me and everyone come here, isn’t it?

I still looking at nowhere and said, “see, you are all grown up, old enough and still come here. I knew for long time, life always has been hard and I am always trying to be harder but I don’t want to be weak. I need strength, at least for now I can’t lose it”. I told you already sadness can make you not- so- bad philosopher.

The old man put his hand on my shoulder, “you are right I’m too old to have wrinkle free skin and I come here each day, this is what you wish to do after you get retired from real life and world. And indeed life is always hard but son she is equal for everyone, you are not the chosen one. See life is like an Ocean sometimes it is calm; joyful but to the very next moment it might be violent, stormy; but then again full of life. My child… he rested his hand on my hairs, stroking said, “it takes to be lighter to float on water…. not harder”.

I looked at him and thought sadness doesn’t make you philosopher but it is experience that makes you wise. And a wise man is always better than a dozen philosophers. My shoulders were straight. I was not shocked or happy like I found the ultimate truth anyway I was feeling normal- not more not less because I knew this since childhood, science class of course. But I forgot it until then.

“That’s what wise man do”, I mumbled, “turning simple things into philosophy

He continued, “if you want to fight the life then be lighter than it. If you can’t get win then yet you would be floating somewhere and not drowned and defeated”.

“I still don’t know your problem but most of the time the problem is people, isn’t it?” He went on, “See people will be coming and going. Many of them will hurt you, bunch of will make you happy and remaining they don’t give a damn shit and we usually find them around saying ” fuck yourself”, and that is how life works; it is bright and dark, day and night, joy and sorrow, relief and pain, good and evil, life and death…. I can count to the days”

I interrupted him, ” no no, I get it”.

He continued, “son, let life play its role and you already being part of that drama just play your role. Don’t let anyone distract or steal your act if someone try to, then fire your dialogue “fuck yourself“. Always believe you can make it possible, even hath faith that you may get standing applause from the audience, they meant for that”

“But how could they get to decide I am good or bad” I asked him genuinely.

He smiled and walked to leave and kept walking. So I repeated my question loudly. “How they?”

He replied loudly, “they won’t”. Looking at me

“then who will?” I cried out.

He kept walking and said, “just don’t forget to thank God for your straight shoulders”.

And I kept looking at him till he disappeared outside the circumference. I really felt lighter…. I was too full when I came here but now I am empty, “thanks dear Kalika Maata, keep blessing me.”

I came home and told my mom that I met to an old and the wise man.

“Did he offer a candy to you?” mom asked in serious tone.

I shook my head as No and mumbled, “he offered me more than a candy’.

“Sorry! ” Mom asked.

“Nothing” I answered, “love you mom”.